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Kyra Jefferson is a Detroit native passionate about lifting up would-be homeowners, good landlords, and anyone who wants to make their neighborhood a better place to live through real estate and development. Between her partnerships, outreach, and personal investment in the Detroit construction and development community, Kyra’s name has become synonymous with community leader, construction maven, and caring, compassionate friend.
With a story that begins somewhere in the middle, Kyra has experienced the worst and best the world of real estate can offer. Her ability to learn from her mistakes and generosity to then share that information with others is something to be admired and emulated. When bankruptcy forced her to re-evaluate everything in her life and make drastic changes, she didn’t hesitate. Given the opportunity to share her experience and help others in the same position, Kyra went all in and wrote her first book, Simple Steps to Bounce Back After Bankruptcy.
Throughout her career, Kyra has used her knowledge and experience to lift up and empower people who wouldn’t have thought homeownership was possible for them. She believes there is power in owning a home and land. This belief has driven her to create opportunities for potential home buyers to find assistance, get loans, and acquire wealth through real estate.
Kyra’s first love is people with real estate coming in at a close second. She is committed to providing opportunities for first-time buyers and compassionate landlords to find success in their own real estate ventures. Over the years she has participated as a mentor in first-time buyer programs, consulted for landlords to empower them to be better landlords. Currently, she is a real estate developer in the Detroit area.
Kyra is dedicated to empowering and helping all people interested in real estate and sharing what life can look like after bankruptcy. She believes life is a lesson in it itself and we always have the opportunity to be learning.


We provide affordable housing for first-time homebuyers while providing quality and affordable homes, contracts, and rooms for rent. 


We provide affordable housing for first-time homebuyers while providing quality and affordable homes, contracts, and rooms for rent. 

If you want to sell, we will purchase your home and rehab it to provide affordable housing for first-time homebuyers. 

If you are a first-time homebuyer, we will provide affordable housing for rehabbed homes. Those unqualified to purchase a home will be offered a land contract. 


We want you to trust us to help you. We promise to keep first-time homebuyers close to under what they were renting for with principal, interest, and taxes. We have relationships with institutions that will help those who are not qualified at little to no cost. 

Want to get started?

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